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Why Homebirth

Midwifery care offers a range of benefits for expectant parents and their newborns. These benefits include:

Decreased risk of needing a cesarean: Lower rates of cesarean sections, providing a more natural and less invasive birthing experience.

Reduced rates of labor induction and augmentation: Prioritize natural and spontaneous labor, resulting in fewer interventions to speed up the birthing process.

Reduced rates of regional anesthesia: Non-pharmacological pain management techniques, leading to lower rates of regional anesthesia, such as epidurals.

Decreased infant mortality rates: Midwifery care has been linked to lower infant mortality rates, ensuring the health and well-being of newborns.

More time to bond with the baby: Provide personalized, continuous care throughout pregnancy, labor, and postpartum, allowing parents to establish a strong bond with their newborn.

Higher rates of successful breastfeeding: Offer comprehensive support and education regarding breastfeeding, leading to increased success rates and a positive start to breastfeeding.

Decreased risk of preterm birth: Emphasize prenatal care, which can help identify and manage risk factors associated with preterm birth, reducing its occurrence.

Decreased risk of 3rd and 4th-degree perineal tears: Midwives utilize techniques that promote perineal health and reduce the risk of severe tears during childbirth.

Lower costs for both clients and insurers: Has been shown to be cost-effective, resulting in lower healthcare expenses for clients and insurers.

Increased chances of having a positive start to breastfeeding: With their focus on breastfeeding education and support, midwives increase the likelihood of a successful and satisfying breastfeeding experience for new mothers.

Increased satisfaction with the quality of care: Midwives provide individualized, holistic care that aligns with the preferences and values of expectant parents, leading to higher satisfaction rates.

Lower risks of postpartum depression: The personalized care and support offered by midwives contribute to lower rates of postpartum depression, promoting emotional well-being in the postpartum period.

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